Where are you located?

I am located on the Northside of Brisbane. I happily travel from the Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast.

Interstate and overseas travel for an event is available upon request* 

*travel expenses may apply

In a few ways. Take a look at my Gallery, these show images of my recent photoshoots. If you like the style then we are probably a good match.  If in doubt give me a call and I will meet you for a obligation free coffee. I can show you bigger galleries of recent and past shoots, answer any questions you may have and help you decide if I am the man for the job. 

The style in which I shoot my photos are real, natural and raw. I do not 'photoshop' people to remove their natural beauty. I edit to adjust lighting levels. Testimonials will give you a little more of an idea from past clients on how I operate and the manner in which I do so. 

How do I know your photography style will be a good match for our photoshoot?

What camera do you use?


I use a Canon 5D IV. It is the latest camera in the range and takes excellent quality photos. If you visit my gallery page or Instagram you will see some of my most recent work. If you would like to know more about my photography gear please click here.

How long until I get the photos, and what format do they come in?

Photoshoots take time it edit. I edit each individual photo so they are perfect when they arrive to you. The time it takes to do this varies depending on the package. I have enclosed editing timeframes in each package.

When the photos have been edited you will receive them in two formats. A high resolution and a low resolution. Low Res photos are ideal for social media, (facebook, instagram and other platforms) they will load pretty quick and be sharp on any devices. High Res images will also be enclosed. These are better for printing, enlarging and

I hold on to each photoshoot for a minimum of two years. If at any time you loose or erase these images you can request a copy of your photoshoot free of charge.

Will you use the photoshoot on your Marshall Rees Social Media?



Yes. Unless otherwise specified, I may use images for marketing purposes. 

For weddings and other events we sometimes will post a photo from the day on our page (tagging you of course) as a teaser. We find this builds excitement for the lead up to your photoshoot being revealed to you. If you do not want this you simply let us know and your photoshoot will be considered confidential and not shared on any of our social media platforms or website. 

Will there be a watermark on the photos when I receive them?


No. I do not believe in watermarking photos that a client has paid for. These images look so much better when they are not watermarked.

Unfortunately there are some individuals who do not honour the photography industry and will steal images from websites and use them on their own. In this case you will sometimes see I place a watermark on a 'places' photo as to avoid these being stolen.  

Wedding FAQS

How long do you stay on the day of my wedding and what is included?

This will depend on the package you select.  In the Wedding Package one I will stay for a maximum of 6 hours and in my Wedding Package Two I will stay for a maximum of 10 hours. If you decide you want me longer on the day this can be arranged for an additional fee.  

How long until I get the photos?

Weddings, as there are usually more than two thousand images to sort through take between 4-6 weeks to edit. For a additional price I am able to reduce this number. I try to get these to you as soon as possible. 

Am I allowed to share my wedding photos on facebook or with family members?

Yes! I love the idea of you sharing your special day with those closest to you. This is your day and your photos. Once they arrive you are free to share them with who you like. If you wish to tag me in them it would be appreciated.

Do you print photos or make albums?

Yes. I have an additional photo package that can be applied to all weddings for an additional $600, including photo book, all photos printed standard print, and a glass or canvas wall print 50x75.

Does Marshall Rees Photography also do wedding videos?

No unfortunately I do not.

Who is Amelia Rees?


Amelia is my wife. We work together as a team. She my administration and is a co-owner of Marshall Rees Photography. She is a bright and bubbly character who is always happy to help. She usually attends my photography shoots as a helper. She will offer to hold your sunglasses or fix a misplaced hair here and there. Her services are complimentary and although we work as a team does not charge for her time.